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IR-Tec PPU-301 is a power pack and controller designed for low voltage lighting control system. It not only supplies 24VDC power for the operation of multiple low voltage occupancy sensors, but also provides line voltage load switching in response to signals from the connected low voltage occupancy sensors or control devices. The unit can be attached to a junction box through a ½ inch knockout with the designed threaded nipple and locknut. It may also be mounted into fixture cable trays or located inside an adjacent junction box for specific local code requirements.

IR-Tec low voltage power pack is an isolated class 2 switching mode power supply device for parallel sensor connection up to maximum 150mA capacity. With proper wiring connection, the load can be turned ON and OFF automatically based on inputs from occupancy sensors or other control devices.

Various control modes can be achieved with different wiring connections. Only basic wiring diagrams are illustrated.  Contact LeanLight to schedule an IR-Tec team member to help when a more complex wiring diagram is required.


  • Light Control    
  • HVAC Control


  • Class 2 switching mode
  • 20A load capacity
  • 150 mA
  • Zero crossing relay
  • LVDC current protection
  • Manual ON and bi-level switch control
  • 24VDC
  • 120~277VAC

PPU-301 data sheet

PPU-300/301 install sheet