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Free Shipping on All Orders!

IR-Tec LMS-509SC is a recessed can HFD occupancy sensor for ceilings and walls. The LMS-509 series member of the TRANS family is a line voltage switching occupancy sensor designed for all-purposes energy efficient lighting control. This motion sensor employs an advanced High Frequency Doppler (HFD) sensing technology to provide superior sensing performance of minor motions, such as typing, writing, or reading. The HFD technology is operating with high frequency (4~12GHz) radio waves which is capable of detecting the occupant's presence and movements without requiring unobstructed line-of-sight like PIR sensors.

The Accu-Set digital potentiometer makes the sensor setting easier, faster and more accurate than the conventional analog potentiometer. 4 levels of sensitivity can be selected to provide optimum range via DIP switch setting. An exclusive Hybrid Switching technology makes LMS-509 series ideal to control the lighting with exceptionally high inrush current (HIC) while switching on, such as multiple LED or CFL lightings connected in parallel. The sensor comes with ambient light sensor (ALS) to inhibit switching on the light if the ambient light level is higher than the threshold set. This provides a second-to-none design and installation flexibility.


 Brand:   IR-Tec Lens:   None
Type:   HFD Hertz:   50/60
Mount:   Ceiling Wattage:   800
Range:   2000 sq ft Voltage:   110-277
Height:   6-20' Certifications:   UL, CE


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  • General Lighting  
  • Classrooms
  • Offices
  • Bathrooms
  • 8-20' Mounting   


  • High Frequency Doppler sensing technology
  • 120/277VAC universal line voltage powered
  • Hybrid switching for controlling loads with HIC
  • Accu-Set potentiometer for quick and easy setting
  • 4 levels of HFD sensitivity setting programmable
  • Ambient light sensor to inhibit unneeded lighting


    • 30 day Seller Warranty
    • 3 year Limited MFG Warranty


    LMS-509 data sheet

    LMS-509 installation sheet

    LMS-500 mounting instructions