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Fast & Free Shipping on All Orders!
Fast & Free Shipping on All Orders!
New Sylvania DUALescent LED Tubes-LeanLight

New Sylvania DUALescent LED Tubes

LeanLight is proud to announce our latest product addition - Sylvania DUALescent LED tubes.  The Sylvania DUALescent LED tubes are hybrid LED tubes that work with or without a ballast.  The Type A+B LED tubes simply snap-in as a directly replacement of linear fluorescent lamps.  Once the fluorescent ballast fails, simply bypass the ballast wiring the LED tube directly to the input power using a double-end power configuration.  Shop for Sylvania LED12T8/L48/FG/841/AB, Sylvania LED12T8/L48/FG/850/AB or all LED tubes at LeanLight.
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