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Free Shipping on All Orders!

KSL-02B04-WA | T8 LED tube strip reflector kit, 30W, 120/277V, 91% white, 4'


LeanLight KSL-02B04-WA is a 2-lamp, 1x4, Type B ballast bypass, T8 LED tube strip reflector kit.  The strip kit, also known as a retrofit kit or light conversion kit, comes with a 91% white reflector and brackets for 4.00" to 5.00" channel width strip fixtures.  The KSL comes with brackets, lamp holders quarter turns, reflector, tek screws and optional LED tubes and wiring harness.   The TLED kit is used to replace 2-lamp T12 & T8 fluorescent industrial strip fixture without having to buy a new fixture. The highly reflective 91% white reflector increases light output by 15%.  5 year MFG warranty.  Made in the USA.

The versatile reflector kit is ideal fit for canopies, factories, shops, warehouses and many more.


 Brand:  LeanLight Lens:  N/A
Light:  LED Lumens:  3,700 - 3,860
Lamp:  T8 Tube Wattage:  30
Ballast:  Bypass Voltage:  120 - 277
Length:   48.00" CCT:  4000K or 5000K
Width:     8.50" CRI:  84+
Height:     1.50" Certifications:  BAA

Features & Benefits

  • Significant energy savings through delamping existing strip
  • Significantly enhances existing fixture efficiencies
  • Aluminum components provide less maintenance and lasting appeal
  • Universal design to fit 4.00 - 5.00" existing strip channels
  • Multi-facet optical design for maximum performance
  • 100% recyclable
  • Toolless wiring access for simple maintenance


  • (1) Reflector
  • (2) Brackets
  • (4) Lamp Holders
  • (4) Tek Screws
  • (4) Quarter Turns
  • (1) Wiring Harness - single-ended, non-shunted (optional)
  • (2) LED Tubes - 15W, ballast bypass (optional)


  • 5 year MFG limited warranty


KSL series specification sheet