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QT2X32T8/277 ISH-SC (49914) | T8 instant start electronic ballast, 32W, 277V, HF

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Sylvania 49914 High Frequency; Instant Start; Normal Output Circuit; FO32T8 Lamp; Straight Lamp; 2 Lamp(S); 32 W Lamp Wattage; Input Voltage 277 Vac; Input Current 0.22 Ampere; Input Power 59 W; 0.97 Power Factor; 0.9 Ballast Factor; 20 Percent Maximum THD

Sylvania QT2X32T8277 ISH SC - is a 2 lamp 32W T8 high power ballast for dedicate voltage of 277V.


32 ISH (PLUS) operates OCTRON® FO32, FBO32 and FBO31 T8 lamps with increased lumen output and high system efficacy.

SYSTEM 32 ISH provides 20% more lumen output than F40T12 magnetic systems while saving nearly 20% in energy. Compared to standard T8 systems, 32PLUS provides 30% more light output.

High light output and multi-lamp capability for up to three lamps allows fewer ballasts to be used in a fixture and provides tandem wiring options. Also, parallel circuitry is utilized to keep the remaining lamps lit if one or more should go out.


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