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OSRAM 49970 is an instant start normal 2 lamp T8 ballast.  The OSRAM QHE 3X32T8/UNV ISN-SC T8 fluorescent ballast is 120/277 volt (universal voltage), high efficiency, instant start, normal ballast factor for F32T8 fluorescent lamps.    The QHE series 3 lamp T8 ballast comes in a small can enclosure for low profile light fixture designs.  Wire leads included.  Also known as OSRAM Sylvania 49970 or OSRAM Sylvania QHE 3X32T8/UNV ISN-SC


 Brand: OSRAM
Starting Factor: Instant Start
Light: Fluorescent Ballast Factor: 0.88
Lamp: F32T8, F17T8 Power Factor: >0.97
Lamp #: 3 Frequency: 50/60Hz
Length:    9.47" Voltage: 120-277V
Width:    1.68" Connection: Parallel
Height:    1.18" Certifications: UL, ROHS



  • High Efficiency Systems over 90% efficient
  • Lamp Striation Control (LSC)
  • Over 100 LPW (lumens/watt)
  • Lowest power T8 I.S. Systems
  • Universal voltage (120-277V)
  • Small Can enclosure size
  • Min. Starting Temp: -20°F(-29°C) for T8 lamps
  • <10% THD
  • Virtually eliminates lamp flicker
  • Lead-free solder and manufacturing


  • 5 year limited Manufacturer Warranty
  • 30 day Seller Warranty


QHE series ballast specification sheet